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"Thumbs Up!" 5PCS/10PCS Multifunctional Mini Holder

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Hold your items with a strong grip and a reassuring gesture using this multifunctional mini thumbs up holder! 

This unique holder is designed in a fun and distinct thumbs up shape that is able to grip and fix your wires in one position. Preventing it from tangling with other cords and creating a mess on your desk or floors. The mini thumbs up is flexible and it can hold up to an impressive 2kg without deforming or breaking. Suitable for other everyday items such as makeup brushes, toothbrush, keys, eyewear, hand towels, spatulas, pens, caps, masks, belts and more. Ideal to make your space organize in a creative way while also giving you an encouraging thumbs up each time. 

The versatile holder provides a waterproof and moisture-proof powerful nano-adhesive that can firmly stick to any surface. It won’t ever slip or lose its adhesion even after a long years of usage. Simply remove the adhesive cover from the holder, install it on a clean surface according to the position you require and done! Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, cars, cabinets, doors, tables and more possibilities.

Lift a thumb to hold your cables, dangles or even brushes with this multifunctional mini thumbs up holder!


  • Clever Thumbs Up Holder
    A mini fun-designed hook which features a distinct thumbs up shape that grips tightly to your cables and fixing them in place. Making your space more organized and neat while giving you an encouraging thumbs up each time you see it. No more messy tangled wires everywhere! The unique holder is available in a wide range of colors that will complement and bright up any surface.

  • Wide Application
    Don’t be fooled by its size as this cute little thumbs up can hold up to an impressive 2kg without deforming or breaking. Suitable for earphones, chargers, wires, makeup brushes, paint brush, toothbrush, keys, dangles, eyewear, hand towels, spatulas, pens, caps, masks and even belts. What’s more? You can also use it as a plant clip to keep your greenery from tangling and provide them with proper growth. 

  • Powerful Adhesion
    This versatile holder comes with a strong transparent gel nano-adhesive that can stably stick to any surface with ease. Perfect for wood, glass, ceramic, cortex, tile, marble, metal and painted walls. It is waterproof and moisture-proof which allows it to withstand different weather without slipping or loosening its adhesion. Try it on your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, cars, cabinets, doors, tables and more possibilities.

  • Non-Damage Installation
    The holder can be easily adhered to any surface with one hand and it can also be removed without leaving a single trace behind. Simply detach the adhesive cover and install it to a clean surface according to the position you require and done! No more drilling or any unnecessary tools like hammer and nails. Ideal for your home, office or dormitories.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality durable silicone material that you can freely bend to meet all of your different needs. It is non-toxic and it can withstand hot or cold weather well unlike any other products.  


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 22mm x 30mm
  • Color: Grey, Pink, Green, Transparent, Blue


  • 5Pcs x "Thumbs Up!" Multifunctional Mini Holders
  • 10Pcs x "Thumbs Up!" Multifunctional Mini Holders