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5M Neon EL Wire Glow String Light - Green
5M Neon EL Wire Glow String Light - Green
5M Neon EL Wire Glow String Light - Green
5M Neon EL Wire Glow String Light - Green
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5M Neon EL Wire Glow String Light - Green

Cold light drive there are several advantages:
(1) energy. Its low power consumption, so that the total input power light line down, there is a better energy-saving effect.
(2) eliminating flicker, shine more stable. Help to improve visual resolution, to improve the effectiveness; continuous operation reduces visual fatigue, help protect eyesight.
(3) the starting point is more reliable. A starting point for success.
(4) stable input power and output luminous flux: high-quality products with good regulation performance, power, voltage deviation is large, can still maintain a constant power source, stable light intensity, is conducive to energy conservation.
(5) to extend lamp life line. High quality products, constant power and light line current drops, as well as a reliable starting point and other factors can extend the life of light line.
  • Flexible enough, easy to be bent into any shape
  • Can offer 360 degree of illumination
  • Special light creates a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Nylon material, durable to use
  • Energy saving and long life time, more than 12000 hours
  • With the car charger, just plug into your cars cigarette lighter charger and it will glow
Available Wire Length 5M
Voltage 12V
Available Color Green
Package Includes
  • 1 x EL Wire
  • 1 x Cigarette Drive